Stay at home Group

Is it only me that has a breakfast club vibe when you think of “stay at home club” I want to invite all of you to participate in this amazing generous movement and take a moment to snap a picture and hashtag #STAYATHOME with ALL of your “stay at home” items!!

I look forward to seeing your amazing pictures with all the goodies you’ve scored along the way with this perfect solution to us all being stuck inside.

Warm Up Sale

Enjoy 50% off the items in world starting April 1st through the 18th! 
You can also join the Paper.Sparrow group without paying a fee from now until the 18th! Earn 10% back on your purchases, enter to win a weekly 500L gift card, and snag the group gifts!
Sale excludes Gachas, Gift Cards, and Special Sale Items. 
Your Taxi awaits! 

New Gifts!!

Oh my gosh! It’s been a lil bit since they’ve been updated shame on me!
However!! Now I’ve done a cute pj set for all the groups including Paper.Sparrow.
Updated the lucky letters and MM boards! Oh my!

No seriously… Look!!

Time to cozy up ladies!
Your taxi is here!

Its a Blue Christmas

Oh Elvis sang it best
” You’ll be doin’ all right, with your Christmas of white
But I’ll have a blue, blue, blue Christmas ”
The Fashion Loft has a nifty lil Christmas sale & hunt going on that we are happily taking part of!

Our exclusive Blue Christmas item is a sexy lil Tshirt
dress in a baby blue with three lil wise llama’s ^^


Our L$1 hunt prize is a cute lil white dress donned with blue snowflakes!
Its hidden at the shop, in a very cleaver spot,
that is guaranteed to tickle your sides when you find it!

Well grab your shoes, coat, and purse!! What are you waiting for?!
Your Taxi is HERE!

Cozy Comfy

It’s that time of year where everyone stays in jams all day and goofs off!!
Today we have an amazing holiday collection to show you!

6 patters/color combos to pick from and they are only L$25 each! I KNOW!
*Beep Beep* oh… it seems your taxi is HERE

Blue Candy Holiday
Blue Snowglobe
Green Holiday
Grey Holiday
Pink Candy Holiday
White Holiday

Sale ends Monday Dec. 2nd

Fits = Tonic Fine // Tonic Curvy // TMP // Ocacin // Physique // Hourglass // Isis // Freya // Venus // Maitreya

Black Friday Weekend & Cyber Monday!!

With all the sales going on in SL & RL there are so many choices to shop! Remember this year to snag the group in world for 10% off your purchases *excluding gacha’s and gift cards*

Black Friday!

Black Friday – Sunday all items in world (excluding gift cards, gachas, & already special sale items) will be 50% off!!

TP to Paper.Sparrow

L$35 Gacha’s

Cyber Monday the 4 gachas listed below will be L$35 per play!!

Sparrow Bag Gacha
Aloe Cup Gacha
Once upon a dream Gacha
Lazy Girl Gacha

Happy Shopping Birdies!

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